Compare stock and pricing trends over time

Price Checker is the best comparison tool in the market. We aim to provide the best solution to our online merchants. The application is sketched in a way which is easily understandable. Our standalone application has created opportunities for all online business people to gain profits.

Let us show you a sneak peek of our application and why our clients are earning profits by choosing Price Checker.

Price Checker - Everything you need!

Live Price and Stock Update

Get live price and stock updates of your competitors in fractions of a second with just one click at your desired time.

Product Mapping

Price Checker team understands the comfort of clients to map their products to categories for easy research and knowing the hierarchy of your product.

Radius Targeting

The client can target a specific location for competitors and set the price of products in accordance with competitors in that particular area.

Different Regional Competitors

With price checker, our clients will be able to check the price competition for their products in different countries.

Bookmark Major Products

Customers can bookmark important products for easy navigation from any page inside the tool.

Custom Labels

Group similar products into one category and keep an eye on those products separately.

Price History

Review the historical price of products ranging from days to months to years and make better pricing decisions for your business.

Email Alerts for Bookmark Products

With Price Checker's email alerts, clients will get an email on their bookmarked products related to price changes done by a competitor.

Red Flag

Aids in better assessment of competitor performance by alerting you when a competitor runs out of stock for a particular product, if you have the lowest selling price across competition as well as vice versa and much more.

Vendor Mapping

One step ahead of product mapping, vendor mapping is beneficial to clients aiding to gain multiple vendors details (if any) for their products, resulting in easy purchasing decisions based on price, location and inventory.

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